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Los Angeles Brewery Makes Guacamole-Flavored Beer

Los Angeles Brewery Makes Guacamole-Flavored Beer

Avocado, garlic, and cilantro went into Angel City's Avocado Ale

The guacamole-flavored beer debuted at Angel City Brewery's inaugural Avocado Festival.

California's reputation for having a statewide obsession with the avocado is well earned, and a Los Angeles brewery has now created an avocado-flavored beer that is sure to be popular in its own state, if not necessarily anyplace else.

"It's not what traditionalists would expect a beer to taste like," said creator Dieter Forstner of his Avocado Ale from Angel City Brewery. "It does have a well-pronounced avocado flavor, so people who don't care for the fruit to begin with might not enjoy it."

People who do like avocados are more partial to the beer's unusual flavor, with Los Angeles food writer Clarissa Wei describing the brew as creamy and subtle, according to the Daily Mail.

To create Angel City's Avocado Ale, Forstner mashed more than 100 pounds of avocado with malt and hops, and he added crushed red pepper, garlic, and cilantro to basically make a giant batch of hoppy guacamole.

"Being an avocado lover, I love it," Forstner said.

The Avocado Ale debuted Aug. 24 at the brewery's first annual Avocado Festival. There are only 15 barrels of the guacamole beer currently in stock, but it could be put into wider distribution if there's enough interest in it.

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